This is the part where appearances mean everything

Dietscher Roofing, Inc. can proudly say that we installed one of the first aluminum siding job in the city of Waukesha, WI back in 1948.  Since then, many more siding products have become available to satisfy consumer needs.  We are here to guide in the decision making process and get things done right. 

Consultation Services

Want our expert, professional opinion?  No problem

New construction, Insurance Claim, Remodeling project, or building an addition; Dietscher Roofing, Inc. can help you with project needs. 

attic insulation

Heat loss/retention is paramount

Properly installed insulation keeps those summer AC and winter heat energy dollars in your pocket and reduces the risk for condensation and ice dams caused in part by winter heat loss.  


Protecting a home from the elements is foremost in our minds when it comes to preventative maintence.  Clean gutters & downspouts, heat cables, attic insulation, and inspections are all parts of that.  Snow & Ice removal are also services we provide.


Emergency repair services

- Decks

- Windows, doors, & skylights

- roofing

- Gutters and gutter guards

- siding, soffit, & fascia

- custom metal trim

- consultation services
-Attic Insulation

- rooftop snow and ice removal

- Chimney Tuck-pointing




As we are continually expanding our list of services, we now offer deck working as such.  Whether it be wood or composite material, we strive to offer quality products to go along with our attention to detail workmanship.

Gutters and gutter guards

Proper water diversion and drainage keeps things running smoothly

Often overlooked, the roof drainage system is extremely important in preserving the foundation of any structure.  In most cases, gutters are installed without the aid of gutter covers, leading to clogged downspouts and gutters as a result of tree debris.  This causes gutter backup/overflow and in winters, devastating ice dams.

When choosing to renew the look of a home, one of the most noticeable changes to be made are the color and style of the materials used to protect the exterior.


Whether it's roofing,  siding, windows, doors, or custom trim, Dietscher Roofing, Inc. has you and your home covered.

We have a saying around the office. It goes, "There's not much you can't cover with custom metal trim."


Faded and/or peeling soffit and facia paint?  Window and Door trim pieces as well?  We're here to help.

custom trim

emergency repair services

Know the issue is in good hands and will be resolved

Wind, hail, tree, or damage of any kind?  Dietscher Roofing, Inc. knows what it takes to remedy your emergency situation and understands that time is of the essence.

window/door/skylight replacement

Having the right hardware can make all the difference

Whether it's windows, doors, or skylights; proper installation and maintenance are extremely important.  We remove/replace/install all of the afore mentioned, working closely with our customers to get the results they want.


Dietscher Roofing, Inc. continues to be a solid lean-to for homeowners in providing up to date product knowledge as well as problem solving solutions for new and old roof systems since 1947.




Our competitors will tell you what you want to hear but we will tell you what you need to know.  Everything we do evolves around waterproofing in some way.  Yes, even attic insulation affects the waterproofing of a home.  We know how to get things done in the manner to which you need and get things watertight.  Some might even say it's our specialty.  Can't really argue with that now can we?  Dietscher Roofing, Inc. values our customers above all else, and we invite you to join our already expansive list of repeat satisfied customers.


"SINCE 1947"

Custiom Metal Trim

Wrapping things up doesn't just happen during the holiday season

Tired of scraping and painting the exterior of your home?  No worries.  Wrap it in metal and see those semi-annual painting chores evaporate.  Pre-finished sheet metal, custom molded to fit the trim on your home - virtually maintenance free when designed and installed properly.  Attention to detail provides style and protection from the elements.


We put the roof over your head

The roof, one of the most important parts of a house, is vital to ensuring the survival of the rest of your home.  With this in mind Dietscher Roofing, Inc. makes sure the roof system in its' entirety is installed correctly and exceeds building code standards.  Dietscher Roofing, Inc. employees are certified roof system installers.